Working Papers

Revise and Resubmit:

Tamas Csabafi,  Max Gillman, Ruthira Naraidoo, “International Business Cycle and Financial Intermediation”, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

“Nominal Interest Rates and In‡flation Rate Inversion: Bank Shocks and the Great Recession”, Tamas Csaba…fi, Ceri Davies, Max Gillman, Michal Kejak, Economic Inquiry.

Max Gillman, “The Welfare Cost of Inflation with Banking Time”, BE Journal of Macroeconomics.


Under Review:

“Explaining Real Business Cycles with Human Capital Investment,” Szilard Benk, Tamas Csaba…fi, Jing Dang, Max Gillman, Michal Kejak.

“Does uncertainty induce ‘wait-and-see’ behavior? Evidence from a monetary policy-making committee” Max Gillman, William Greene, Mark N. Harris, Christopher Spencer (major author).