Conference Presentations

Robert Morris University; 28th Annual Conference “Teaching Economics: Instruction and Classroom Based Research,” Feb. 23-25, 2017



14th Annual Professors Conference: Teaching and Learning Economics in the College Classroom; St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, 3-4 November 2016:

Presentation: “Using Historical Perspective of Keynesian vs Neoclassical Macro in teaching Principles: textbook approach plus Econlowdown Modules”.



SNB Research Conference 2016 – New Perspectives on the role, instruments and effects of monetary policy, 23-24 September 2016:

Comment on Holstein, Laubach & Williams Paper



Modelling the Effect of Inflation: Growth Levels and Tobin (2002, North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society);

Presented at: North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society: Economic Theory, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 20-24 June 2002. Published in: Levine, David K., Zame, William, Ausubel, Lawrence, Chiappori, Pierre-Andre, Ellickson, Bryan, Rubinstein, Ariel and Samuelson, Larry eds. Proceedings of the 2002 North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society: Economic Theory.


Money Velocity with Costly Credit (1996 Econometric Society Australasian Meeting).

Proceedings of the Econometric Society Australasian Meeting 1996, 10-12 July, 1996; Volume 3: “Macroeconometrics and Finance,” Editors Michael McAleer, Paul W. Miller, Kenneth Leong; pp. 455-492, by Max Gillman, Pierre Siklos and J. Lew Silver;  published by The University of Western Australia, Perth.