Permanent Resident Status: New Zealand, Hungary, United Kingdom, United States;

Citizen: Unites States

Current Positions: Hayek Professor of Economic History, University of Missouri, St. Louis, since 2013; Visiting Professor at Central European University in Budapest since 2006; Visiting Professor at Loughborough University since 2013; Senior Researcher in CERGE-EI in Prague, since 2013; Associate Researcher at the Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest, since 2004. Advisory Board: Centre for Economic Growth and Policy (CEGAP), Durham UK; Editorial Board: Danube Law and Economics, Degruyter, Berlin.


Previous: Professor of Economics at Cardiff Business School in Wales, UK; Professor, Central European University Budapest; previous affiliations also at New York University, University of New South Wales, Unversity of Melbourne, University of Otago, and visiting scholar/researcher at Federal Reserve Banks of St. Louis, Atlanta, and Minneapolis.

Education: Ph.D. The University of Chicago, Economics Department; A.M: The University of Chicago, Economics Department; A.B. The University of Michigan, Honors Economics, Mathematics double major.


Research Agenda: Focus on monetary economics, real business cycles, economic growth, and how money and banking influence both cycles and growth. Recent publications extend monetary theory to study tax evasion and growth through a human capital approach, explain asset prices during Lost Decades, and show the inflation tax effect on growth, investment, the Tobin Effect.

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2017 Principles of Macroeconomics: An Evolutionary Approach, Kendall Hunt Publishing, Dubuque, Iowa.

2011 Advanced Modern Macroeconomics: Analysis and Application, Pearson UK, Financial Times Press.

2009, Inflation Theory in Economics: Welfare, Velocity,Growth and Business Cycles, Routledge International Studies.



2013 Collected Papers on Monetary Theory by Robert E. Lucas, Jr., Harvard University Press.


Articles: Journal of Human Capital; Review of Finance; Journal of Monetary Economics; Journal of Money, Credit and Banking; Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control; Review of Economic Dynamics; Berkeley Electronic Press Journal of Macroeconomics; Journal of Macroeconomics; Economic Journal; Economica; The Manchester School; European Journal of the History of Economic Thought; Economics of Transition; Bulletin of Economic Research; Economic Inquiry; Contemporary Economics Issues; Journal of Economics Surveys; Japenese Economic Review; Australian Economic Review; Empirical Economics.


Tamas Csabafi works with me as Research Associate at University of Missouri, St. Louis; my former Ph.D. student from Cardiff University, and MA student from CEU.

Contact: gillmanm@umsl.edu  Office Phone: 314-516-5861

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